Guide To Buying Security Doors

One of your security concerns as a homeowner is burglaries. In most cases, burglars take advantage of weaknesses in your front doors, such as poor-quality locks, fragile building materials, visible hinges and low-quality construction to break into your house. Security doors are an instant long-term solution for homeowners who want to deter burglars and ensure the security of their homes. If you wish to purchase a security door, read this piece for valuable insights. 

Compliance to Standards  

Start by checking whether the manufacturer complies with the local standards or whether they have certification for specific international standards. While this might not seem necessary for some customers, it is a guarantee that the product undergoes fire, impact and knife shear tests to ensure it can withstand the various stresses. 


Customer reviews are the easiest way to determine the durability of a security door. Moreover, read home improvement and security blogs to compare the different products. You should also assess the door-build quality to determine its durability. For instance, if you prefer steel due to its strength, you would be concerned about weather damage in the future. In this case, the door should be galvanised to prevent corrosion. Powder coating can also increase the lifespan of the door.


Look out for these features when purchasing a security door: 

  • The security door should have high-quality locks such as mortise or three-pin locks.
  • Consider security doors with several weld-on hinges. If possible, the door should have recessed hinges or those that fit between the frame and the door. This way, the burglars cannot access the hinges.
  • You could opt for a sliding door if the property has a small doorway or if you have fixtures that could get hit by a hinged door.
  • The door handles must be strong. Otherwise, they could break or become dysfunctional if you apply a lot of pressure when opening the door.   

Consider Customisation Options 

Customisation increases the functionality of your security door. Typically, the door design should blend with your home's architectural style. Moreover, you might opt for additional features such as screens, grills and peepholes. The door should also integrate with security features such as the alarm, CCTV and intercom. 


The security door's build quality, durability and features will determine its selling price. However, you should check whether the manufacturer gives discounts and free services such as shipping and installation. Preferably, you should be sure about the door's dimensions to avoid the extra costs of fabricating the door to make it fit. 

When buying a security door, examine the compliance to standards, durability, features, customisation options and pricing. 

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