5 Reasons to Tint Your Automobile Windows

Tinted car windows do more than just look good. There are a lot of good reasons to tint your car's windows, both for protecting the automobile and protecting yourself.

1. Improved Skin Health

UV rays from the sun are a known carcinogen that can increase the chances of skin cancer. Many people don't think about their sun exposure when driving, which can make the car a dangerous place since it's likely you won't be wearing skin protection. Window tints are available that block harmful UV light. You can even find nearly clear UV blocking tints if you don't like the look of dark tinting. 

2. Reduced Interior Damage

The sun isn't only damaging to one's skin, it can also wreak havoc on a car's interior. The sun can fade the colour of upholstery and plastic inside the car. It can also cause materials to weaken and break down, so you can end up with a crumbling dashboard and disintegrating carpeting. Heat from the sun also causes damage, primarily by weakening adhesives. Blocking the sunlight with a tint can help prevent or at least slow down all of these damages.

3. Shattered Glass Prevention

A protective film, even if its main purpose is to provide tint, can help prevent auto glass from shattering and falling inward during an accident. This is because the tint holds the glass together. There are also special impact-resistant tints that are made to help absorb impacts and prevent breakage from occurring in the first place, which is a good option if you are concerned about shattered glass or vehicle break-ins.

4. Increased Security

Many car break-ins are crimes of opportunity. If a potential thief can't see into the car to check for valuables, they are likely to skip right over your automobile. For those that must drive alone at night, tint may also provide a level of comfort since others won't be able to easily see that you are alone in the vehicle if you have a window darkening tint on the windows.

5. Glare Reduction

Glares can lead to dangerous driving conditions. You are most likely to experience glares when driving at night or when forced to travel into a setting or rising sun. Clear glare-reducing tints can be used on front windshields and darker tints can be applied to side and rear windows in an effort to reduce dangerous glares.

Contact an automotive window tinting service if you would like to see the available tint options. 

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