7 Things You Should Think About Before Installing a Skylight

Skylights illuminate your living space, make your space look larger than it is and add a touch of luxury. However, before you install the skylight in your home, you need to know the different types of skylights and contact the best company for the job. Here are seven important things you need to consider before installing a skylight in your home. 

Flat vs. Domed Skylight 

Do you want a flat or domed skylight? When you install your skylight, you don't want it to be blocked. Domed skylights ensure that debris and leaves slide right off. If you want a flat skylight, you need to ensure you have a schedule in place to clean your skylight on a regular basis. 

Skylight Placement

Your choice of location will have a major impact on how much solar heat it allows in your home and the type of light to expect from your skylight. For instance, if you install the skylight on a north-facing roof, you'll probably get a consistent amount of light all through the year.

Energy Efficiency

To prevent your skylight from making your home too hot, you need to consider energy-efficient skylight options. For instance, you can consider tinted glass to reduce the heat energy penetrating your home through the skylight. In addition, the position and slope of your skylight will also determine your skylight's energy efficiency. 

Fixed vs. Vented Skylights

If you want to ventilate your home with your skylight, you can opt for vented skylights. If you do, remember that vented skylights have a higher price tag compared to fixed skylights. If you have enough ventilation windows and are only looking to add light into your home, you can go for fixed skylights. 

Plastic vs. Glass 

Glass skylights are significantly more expensive than plastic skylights. However, with plastic, your skylight runs the risk of developing scratches. In addition, glass skylights can provide you with a clear view for years to come. Plastic skylights will often become discoloured over time. 

Season of Installation

While you can install your skylight at any time of year, summer is the most suitable time, due to its dry weather. If you're considering installing a skylight, you need to choose the season that's most convenient. 

Expert Installation 

Even if you're an expert at DIY projects, you might want to consider hiring a professional who's highly reputable to install your skylight. The possible damages you can get from faulty installation can be quite expensive. Ensure that you choose a company with well-rated and high-quality materials.

Consider all these factors to ensure you're happy with the skylight decision you make. Ensure you select a reputable company to undertake the installation. 

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