4 Clever Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Security Door

In any residential or commercial building, security starts at the main entrance door. This is why homeowners and businesses alike should seriously consider investing in security doors. These doors are specifically designed and made with security top-of-mind and are an integral part of any residential or commercial physical security system. 

Beyond security door installation, there are many things you can do to bolster security at the door. Here are a few critical security-enhancing solutions that will make your security door to work more effectively at keeping your property secure.

1. Security Door Locks

As a prerequisite, security doors should have a strong construction. Although they demand extra maintenance attention to prevent rust, reinforced steel doors are the sturdiest option on the market today.

But not even the sturdiest door will be effective at keeping thieves and other intruders at bay if it lacks quality security locks. Most security doors don't come with the locks, hinges and handles attached. These door hardware are usually attached during the installation of the door. 

If the locks that come with your door don't offer the level of protection you need, consider ditching them for high-security lock solutions like keyless entry systems. 

2. Security Door Lighting 

Thieves and burglars like to break into homes or commercial buildings under the cover of darkness. Ensuring that your exterior environment is well-lit at night can help you improve the security of your property.

Lights that are strategically placed to illuminate your front door can deter intruders from attempting to break down the door. In addition, the lighting can make it possible for you or a neighbor to get wind of potential break-in attempts into your building.

3. Security Door Cameras 

Remotely monitoring your security door with security cameras is also another clever way to keep intruders at bay and also collect video footage that can be used to arrest and prosecute the offenders. 

If someone tries to gain unauthorised access to your building by breaching the doors, you can receive an instant message notification alerting you of the breach. This way, you can alert security agents immediately. 

4. Security Door Alarms 

Security door alarms can scare off intruders while alerting property owners of a security breach at the door. There are several types of door alarms on the market, but they all fall into two main categories: door-open alarms and door-forced-open alarms. 

For more information on what can be done to make your security door work better, speak to experienced door installers.

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