5 Reasons to Choose Metallized Auto Window Tinting Over Dyed

Auto tinting is a great way to increase privacy while you're out on the road and keep down the amount of heat entering your vehicle. However, people often assume there's only one type of tinting. In reality, you can choose from several different types of car window tinting, and most people come down to dyed or metallized.

Dye window tinting is the cheapest option, but that doesn't mean it's the best. Here are just five reasons why metallized window tinting is worth the added cost.

1. Doesn't Bubble

Most of the time, your dyed window tinting will look fine when it is first applied. Unfortunately, any mistakes during the installation phase can result in bubbling across the surface. This doesn't just ruin the appearance of your car's windows—it also distorts the view through them. Metallized tinting doesn't present the same risk.

2. Doesn't Fade

Even if your dyed tinting doesn't bubble, it's still going to fade over time due to UV exposure. This renders it steadily less effective and turns windows from black to purple. It's not something you'll need to worry about with metallizing tinting, which doesn't fade at all.

3. Dissipates More Heat

One of the major problems with dyed auto tinting is that it doesn't reflect much heat or light. Of course, it reflects more than untreated windows, but it doesn't perform nearly as effectively as metallized tinting. Whether you're looking to keep the interior cool during hot summer days or prevent UV rays fading your vehicle's upholstery, picking metallized tinting over dyed is a good idea.

4. Adds Strength

Most people only think about protection from the sun when they're considering window tinting options, but that isn't the only kind of protection tinting can provide. If you use metallized tinting, you can increase the strength of your windows. They won't break as easily, and they won't shatter like normal windows. Criminals understand this, so they tend to leave cars with metallized window tints alone. Dyed tints provide no strength advantages.

5. Improves Style

There are certainly more than a few people out there who prefer the look of dyed window tinting, but they tend to be in the minority. Even apart from potential fading and bubbling, dyed window tints don't tend to look as good since they present a dull, flat appearance. If you want that modern, reflective look associated with high-end auto tinting, metallizing tinting is the way to go.

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