How to Clean Bi-Fold Doors and Deliver Dazzling Results

From their ease of use to the way they look, there are lots of reasons to add bi-fold doors to your property. After installing yours, the way you care for them makes a major contribution to how long they last. To ensure they look their best no matter what, you need to take the right approach towards cleaning.

Avoid cleaning them when the sun is shining

Depending on your local climate system, choosing to clean your bi-fold doors in non-sunny weather isn't always easy. However, doing so will work to your advantage. Cleaning glass in direct sunlight increases your chances of introducing streaks as the water dries. Plan your cleaning activities for a cloudy day or seize the chance to make them sparkle when the weather is dull.

Target the inside of your bi-fold doors first

The inside and outside panes of glass will both attract plenty of dirt, with the outside acting as the worst culprit. Using a fresh duster, make smooth sweeping movements from top to bottom. If your duster becomes overly dirty, reach for another one to avoid the spread of dust.

Once you're confident there's minimal dust on your doors' glass, start spritzing it with the glass cleaning solution of your choice. Some people prefer to mix one-part vinegar with one part water, which is an age-old way to make glass shine. 

Avoid letting the glass dry alone

Aside from cleaning your bi-fold doors on a cloudy day, one of the best ways to avoid streaks is to dry them manually. Leaving your cleaning solution to air dry means it will disappear in a disorganised manner, making streaks obvious. To deliver crystal clear results, soak up most of the water with a squeegee. Immediately after, you should buff the window using either a dry cloth or a piece of scrunched up newspaper.

Inspect for minor scratches and tackle them

The glass you'll find on most doors is usually quite resilient. However, small scratches do happen and there's a chance you can tackle them alone. To do so, either use a metal polish or whitening non-gel toothpaste. Both substances are mildly abrasive, so when you apply small amounts to glass and buff them off using a clean cloth, they'll magically make scratches disappear.

After tending to your doors' interior panes, aim for the outside. If you take a thorough approach to cleaning your doors twice a year, you'll find that their glass dazzle for longer. 

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