The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Frameless Glass Shower Door

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Below are some advantages and disadvantages of installing a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom. Use this information to help you in deciding whether the addition of shower glass would be appropriate for you.

The Pros

Customisation. Finding mass-produced frameless glass shower doors on the market is rare. Most are designed for a specific application. This means that it is possible for you to get this frameless door even if your shower space has unique dimensions. Customisation allows you to have a shower door that addresses your unique stylistic and functional needs.

Better Visual Appeal. Glass shower doors with frames tend to appear bulky due to the various materials, such as rubber edging, which surround the perimeter of the door. Frameless doors look sleek because they are devoid of those materials on their edges.

Less Risk of Mould. Frameless glass shower doors create fewer opportunities for mould to grow within your bathroom. This is unlike framed doors which can trap some moisture in the different materials that are placed on the frame to create a seal. You, therefore, stand a lower chance of having mildew or mould in your bathroom if you install a frameless glass shower door.

The Cons

Higher Cost. Frameless glass shower doors tend to be more expensive when compared to doors with frames. Increased costs are because of the thicker sheets of glass that have to be used to give the door strength to stand without the support of a frame. The hardware that is used for these frameless doors also increases the cost of the door because it has to be sturdier in order to withstand the weight of the heavier glass.

Leaks May Occur. The absence of seals around the edges of the frameless shower door can allow some water to leak to the areas outside the shower area. The only way around this problem is by involving a glass expert during the design of the bathroom remodel so that the shower door which is made will be an exact fit once it is installed. Deciding to include a frameless glass shower door in the latter stages of the renovation is, therefore, not necessarily the best choice.

Think carefully about the benefits and the drawbacks of the frameless shower doors in the discussion above. Consult an expert so that you can find out whether your concerns about these doors can be addressed.

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