The many benefits of double-glazed windows

When it comes to maintaining an energy-efficient household, one of the stealthiest ways in which energy is unnecessarily expended is due to poor quality glazing; namely, when a window is not double glazed. Before we expand on why double glazing is the ideal solution, let's first discuss why, in most circumstances, triple glazing is not ideal. Generally speaking, residential and commercial glazing systems are primed to accommodate double-paned units. Although it has its niche uses, triple glazing tends to cause more problems that it solves. This is primarily due to the fact that the combined thickness and weight makes it too unwieldy for most glazing systems, especially if the panes in question are stored in moving sashes or frames.

The true benefits of a system that incorporates double glazing

As previously mentioned, energy efficiency is a huge appeal of double glazing. By adding an extra layer of insulation to your glass exterior, you increase the overall effectiveness of other energy consuming devices. As an analogy, imagine leaving a fridge door open, the fridge needs to draw upon more power to maintain a thermal equilibrium; therefore, by maximising insulation and mitigating energy loss, you are well on your way to setting up a long term energy-saving environment. While double glazing helps to add thermal resistance and reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter, it especially excels at keeping your home at a stable, comfortable temperature. It does this much more efficiently than any heating unit alone could do. Conversely, double glazed windows do an excellent job at keeping heat out; for example, double-glazed windows can significantly reduce your electricity bill by creating an added barrier to incoming heat. Double glazing utilises a thin layer of air or gas to create a thin but powerful barrier that saves you money, energy, and the environment.

The secret benefits of double glazing

By now, the benefits of double glazing should have been quite axiomatic. However, there is an extra, almost secret benefit of double glazing—quietness.

If you love near an airport, train station, bomb-testing facility, or one of Metallica's favourite performance venues, noise pollution can drastically mess up your sleep cycle. Fortunately, however, double glazing can alleviate noise pollution. Double glazing also has the ability to lessen condensation, which, if unchecked, has the tendency to be a breeding ground for mould. Moreover, using double glazed windows can increase the value of our home.

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Keeping traffic noise out

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