Make a Burglar's Life More Difficult: Securing Your Aluminum Windows

 A window is the second most likely entry point for a burglar after the front door. Approximately 1 out of every 40 houses in Australia is burgled every year. 20% of these homes will be burgled more than once. This begs the question, just how safe is your house? Windows are a favored point of entry by many burglars. Safeguarding your windows reduces your chances of becoming a burglary victim by making break-ins more difficult.

Use a sill-mounted lock

You can make your sliding aluminum windows more secures using a sill-mounted lock as an auxiliary lock. This lock is a low profile keeper and doesn't interfere with the aesthetically pleasing appearance of sliding windows. It also solves the foregoing burglary problem since the lock is not visible from the outside of the window. This means the burglar has no means to finding the lock or a position for forcing an opening tool. Burglars like easy targets so they will move on without stealing your valuable assets.

Use Thumbscrew Locks

Thumbscrew locks secure your windows in a closed or open ventilating position, but not enough for entry, making it easy to have both of the best window worlds—security and ventilation. The lock is easy to install and slide along the window frame. You can use either single or double thumbscrew locks that are readily available at home improvement stores all over Australia. Double thumbscrew locks provide more security and work well as a second backup in case the fist lock is not tight. Maintaining this locks creates too much work for burglars which reduces the risk of a break in.

Install entry sensors

Security sensors are designed to work on almost ever type of aluminum window, including double paned windows, sliding aluminum windows, swinging windows, and double hung windows. The sensors use a magnetically activated switch that is placed on the window frame. Once your windows are closed the security system is automatically armed, and once a burglar opens the window the magnetic field breaks, setting off an alarm. Entry sensors don't securely lock your window but provide a notification once the window is opened. For this reason, remember to arm your system every time you leave the house.  

Leave the lights that are visible through the windows turned on. This gives a burglar the impression that your home, thus reducing the risk of a break in. Also, all your additional locks and blocking devices should be easily removable from the inside in case of fire emergencies.

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