Shutters and Sliding Glass Doors: Three Style to Consider

Wooden shutters give your home a classic look, and they also help to create shade and privacy. While shutters are commonly associated with windows, they can cover all kinds of openings, including sliding glass doors. If you want to add shutters to your sliding glass doors, here are three options to consider:

1. French Door Shutters

If you like, you can cover your sliding glass door with large French doors that have been designed to look like shutters. This creates an elegant look and is a sturdy alternative to traditional window treatments.

However, you need a reasonable amount of space to accommodate this type of door. You need space in the doorway itself to mount the hardware that holds up the doors, and you also need space in your home to accommodate the wide swing of these doors.

2. Bi-Fold Shutters

Bi-fold shutter doors are similar to French doors, but you don't need as much room to accommodate the swing of the door. These shutters are very similar to traditional closet doors, and when opened, they fold in half. As a result, they only need half as much space as the style described above.

You can adjust the folds as needed so these shutters are only partially open or so your entire sliding glass door is completely uncovered.

3. Shutters on Tracks

Shutters on tracks tend to be easier to install than French door or bi-fold shutters. Both French door and bi-fold shutters require hardware that must be mounted in the door frame, and that can require modifications to your home.

In contrast, shutters on tracks only need a vertical track, and this can typically be installed on the wall above your sliding glass door. The shutters themselves are large rectangular panels that move along the track. Typically, one of the panels sits in the front of the track whilst the other sits in the back of the track.

When closed, the shutters cover the entire door. When open, the front shutter slides past the back shutter, and the two of them rest conveniently together. You can have a track that is the same width as your sliding glass door. This saves space, but when open, the shutters will partially cover the door.

Alternatively, you can have a track that is wider than your door, and when you open the shutters all the way, they migrate to a part of the track that doesn't overlap with your door.

Each of these options has a range of pros and cons. If you are ready to learn more, contact a shutter expert. They can help you select the style that is the best for your sliding glass door. They may also be able to help if you're interested in getting window shutters for your home.


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