4 Accessories Which Will Help You Get the Most Out Of Your New Skylight

If you have a dark room in your home that would benefit from some extra natural light, then having a skylight installed is a smart option. Even a small skylight can provide a surprising amount of light and can significantly reduce, or eliminate entirely, the need to use artificial lighting during daylight hours. If you're having a skylight installed in your home, then here are four accessories to consider to ensure that you get the most out of your new addition.  

1. Shutters

Shutters for skylights allow you to control the level of light that enters the room via the skylight. These are perfect for bedrooms, where you may like to keep the room dark in the mornings if the sun rises early. These shutters can be a simple model that is closed and opened using a cord. For a more high-tech option, or for rooms where the ceilings are very high, you can even get remote controlled shutters.

2. Ventilation

If your skylight is being installed in a room with high moisture levels and fluctuating temperatures, such as kitchens and bathrooms, then a ventilator is a must. A small unit containing vents and a fan is fitted at the roof-end of the skylight shaft which allows airflow from the inside of the room to the fresh air outside. Ventilators can be run through your homes electrical system, or they can be powered by a small, unobtrusive solar unit located on your roof.

3. Diffusers

Standard skylights generally come with a domed, clear plastic cap which is the part of the skylight that is visible from the inside of your home. If you prefer a more stylish look, then you can opt for a light diffusing cap instead. A popular choice is an opal diffuser, which creates a slightly softer and muted hue to the light. You can also have attractive leadlight or glass diffusers custom made to suit your home's interior style.

4. Lights

Although it may seem ironic, it's often a good idea to incorporate an electrical light within the interior end of the skylight. Skylights don't completely replace the need for artificial lighting, but in small rooms such as toilets, laundries, and bathrooms, the ceiling may look and feel cluttered with both a skylight and electrical light fitting. By keeping the light within the skylight unit, you'll end up with a more streamlined look.

If you're unsure which, if any, of these accessories would enhance the performance of your new skylight, then contact your local skylight supplier and installer to get some expert advice. They can help you put together a custom skylight package that looks great and does the job perfectly.

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