Bi-fold Doors | 3 Considerations When Installing Bi-Fold Doors For Your Patio

Bi-fold doors are distinctive from ordinary doors because they can be folded in or out. Bi-fold doors offer aesthetic charm to any room they adorn. Apart from aesthetics, their high degree of flexibility makes them appealing to many homes when you want to connect the indoor and outdoor areas together because they do not block any space for entry and exits. If you're in the market to install bi-fold doors for the first time, you probably don't know where to begin. This guide will help you consider a few factors when installing bi-fold patio doors.

Choose A Frame Style That Integrates With Your Existing Décor

Your bi-fold doors should ideally resonate with your existing décor, so pay close attention to the frame style before making a choice. Bi-fold doors are typically available in timber and aluminium frames, so you can choose between them based on your décor. For instance, older-style homes may integrate better with timber bi-fold doors, while newer homes will blend in well with aluminium bi-fold doors. With both timber and aluminum, you can choose between different colours and finishes to ensure a cohesive decorative finish with your inner and outer spaces.

Lock Installations For Enhanced Security

Bi-fold doors work brilliantly for patios, provided you fortify them with robust locking systems to protect your home from unwanted break-ins. Luckily, there are tons of locking mechanisms suited to bi-fold doors, so make sure you protect your home by focussing on security. Make sure your bi-fold doors come with multi-point locking systems, internally glazed panels and security hinges. Deadbolt locks are also ideal when you want to keep your home completely secure. Manual bolts also work well when you simply want to shut your door while you're inside without needing to completely lock it.

Choose Between Handles And Knobs

To operate your bi-fold doors while opening and closing, you will need to choose between handles and knobs. Handles are typically easier to operate than knobs and act as convenient levers when you need to open and shut the doors. Children and older people with arthritis will find it easier to operate handles because of the simple pull-down mechanism, so you may want to install these for your bi-fold doors. Ultimately, choosing between handles and knobs is a matter of choice. If most of your home is fitted with knobs in other areas, then you'll naturally prefer knobs to handles for your bi-fold doors.

Make sure you consider these factors before installing bi-fold doors for your patio space.

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