Frost Films Or Curtains? Find Out Which Are Better For Your Windows

So, you're thinking of trying out frost films for your windows but aren't quite sure how they compare with the curtains you're used to? Well, not to worry. In this article, get a breakdown of how the two fair against each when looked at through most window dressing concerns:

Ease of use

Both curtains and frost films are pretty easy to use. However, frost films are just much simpler to work with. With curtains, you have to open them when you want light to get into your rooms or when you want to look outside. You then have to close them when you want privacy or need to block an incoming draught. For frost films, you simply install them once and forget about their existence.


When it comes to cleaning, frost films win hands down. All you have to do is clean them as you would clean your window pane, by using a sponge or a soft cloth, and some water or detergent. With curtains, you have to take them out of the hanging rods, put them in a washer, dry them, and then replace them with another set from your closet.


This is a tough one. It really boils down to how you take care of them. Both can last many years with care. Frost films can easily get abraded by pets or rough washing materials. Luckily, when this happens you can simply peel them off and seek a replacement. Curtains, too, can get damaged by rough washing, pets, wear and tear or fire.


Aesthetics matter a lot when it comes to windows. Both options have their strong points. Curtains are traditional and can be changed as often as you like in order to give your interior space a new look. Frost films are semi-permanent. You have to stick with them for a while, perhaps for a year or so, before changing them. However, they are available in many designs so there's some level of variety as well.

Light and energy

In regards to light, frost films emerge better once again. They are translucent and will allow filtered light to pass through all day. This is great for living rooms but maybe not so good for bedrooms where you may not want any light seeping through at night. As for energy, curtains are more ideal at blocking heat from coming in or going out. Curtains will also trap cold draughts while frost films will not.


As for cost, frost films are cheaper to buy compared to curtains. They also don't need sheers, curtains rods or curtain boxes to work. In addition to that, you only need one set of film for your windows as opposed to several sets of curtains for the same.   

If you want modern, simple, easy-to-use, and cheap, frost films are it. If you want traditional, day-to-day variety, and superior thermal insulation, you're better off with curtains.  

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