4 Festive Window Treatment Ideas for Christmas

With the Christmas holidays approaching, you no doubt want to make your house look as festive as possible. Transforming your home in to a Christmas grotto will make this time of year really magical and exciting for your children, so why not go all out? Here are some ideas for Christmas window displays that will put you in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas stencils. Christmas stencils are a great idea because you can involve your kids in making these for a fun weekend activity instead of just buying them at the store. All you really need to do is cut out some shapes out of a piece of firm card and you have a Christmas stencil. Some good shapes for this time of year could be holly leaves and berries, Christmas bells, Christmas trees, and stars. If you have an artistic streak and want to challenge yourself, you could try something like reindeers or Santa. Use fake snow to spray the shapes on your window and the job is complete.

Old fashioned snow scene. Most people now have windows with a single pane of glass, but there was a time when individual panes were placed together and attached via lead piping. This old world effect is appealing at Christmas time, and you can re-create it in your own home. Just purchase some black tape and form a grid on your window. Then spray on some fake snow spray into the corner of each square and you have a beautifully festive window display.

Christmas candles. There is no form of lighting that gives a warm and cosy glow quite like candles. But having a naked flame in the house, and particularly on a windowsill, can be dangerous. To make sure that naked flames don't light up your curtains, purchase a selection of mason jars that you can decorate to make them look more festive. It can be a good idea to fill them up part of the way with glitter and spray on them with snow spray. Then line the candle filled mason jars along the window – and when your neighbours look in they will see a warm, flickering glow.

Gingerbread cookies. One of the best things about Christmas time is the food, but some of your baking efforts can work just as well as decorations as sweet treats. Baking Christmas themed gingerbread cookies is something else that your kids can help out with. They will have lots of fun piping icing on to the baked treats to form snowmen and reindeer. These can then be hung up my pieces of ribbon to your curtain pole to create a unique window treatment for the holidays.

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