Signs That It May Be Time to Replace Your Home's Skylight

A skylight in your home can be a great way to open up a space and let in natural light where windows may not work very well or if you just want added light in a room for any reason. While they can be a good addition to your home, they can also break down over time and need repair or replacement. Note a few signs that it may be time to have your skylights looked at by a contractor for repair.

1. Discolouration around the skylight

Skylights often develop leaks around their seals as these seals break down over time, but you may not notice actual water coming into the room. This water can be absorbed by the building materials around it including the drywall and ceiling tiles. As these materials absorb this water, they become discoloured. If you notice any type of brown rings or lines that seem to originate near the skylights, this is a sure sign that there is leakage and either the seals need replacing or the building materials are pulling away from the skylight itself.

2. Distorted light

When the layers of the skylights get cracked or damaged, you may notice that the light coming into the room seems distorted. The light may be broken up by cracks in the skylight or some light may be getting through broken areas of the skylight but is then deflected in other areas. This can make some areas of the skylight brighter and others darker; if the light is distorted in any way from the skylight, have it checked for breaks or cracks.

3. Cooler or warmer temperature

When your skylight starts to crack or gets leaks, this can allow in colder air during wintertime and allow out your air conditioning during summertime. You may notice that the room with the skylight is a much different temperature than the rest of your home. You may also notice drafts around the skylight or a change in the temperature near the skylight. If so, it's good to have it checked for needed repairs.

4. Recent storms

Storms can damage your skylight and you may not even realize it. Hail especially can crack or chip the top of a skylight. If your area has had a recent storm, it can be a good idea to simply have your skylight checked even if you don't notice outright damage. A contractor can see damage that you may not realize and ensure the skylight is repaired or replaced before any damage gets worse.

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